25 years of activity

The company was founded in 1993 by a small groups of engineers highly specialized in the development of image analysis software for microscopy. Born of experience and tradition, the company is committed to growing in its main areas of activity.

VISIA Imaging is guided by Alessandro Foggi, President and CEO, supported by a strong and valuable team that shares his passion for the vocation embracing quality as a value while transforming initiative and ideas into accomplishments.


VISIA Imaging has a passion for challenges and continuous improvement and puts a premium on innovation always meeting the needs of its partners.

A highly qualified team of young and expert engineers, programmers and technicians is continuously working to create innovative products and solutions for markets that demand extreme-performance.


Thanks to qualified experience, entrepreneurial dynamism and a desire for modernity, in a few years the company has gained a prominent position in the market and built valuable commercial partnerships both on a national and international level, signing strong and enduring distribution agreements.


VISIA Imaging has founded their production on the best technology, constantly improving over the years making it a versatile and dynamic company, attractive to commercial partners demanding innovative products to strengthen market penetration.

VISIA Imaging places a high value on maintaining strong collaborations with key opinion leaders and several leading Scientific Institutes, Research Centers and Universities.

All phases of the design and manufacturing process are carried out at the production site in San Giovanni Valdarno (Tuscany - Italy).

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VISIA Imaging Srl

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52100 San Giovanni Valdarno, Tuscany