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VISIA for social

VISIA Imaging is a company strongly anchored to its territory; in fact, more than 90% of VISIA's human resources live in Valdarno and in the nearby areas.

Local and cultural roots are one of the elements of corporate cohesion and motivation, but not only: many employees - starting from the management - are active through the so-called CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) forms, although these activities are generally carried out by larger companies.

Data clearly state this: Corporate Social Responsibility is an increasingly important part of the Italian companies' activities.

According to the 2016 statistical survey (the latest available) on corporate social responsibility, carried out by the Socialis Observatory, 80% of the Italian companies with over 80/100 employees declare to put effort into CSR initiatives, where the average investment per company was in the amount of 184 thousand euros.

This is a trend dictated not only by consumers, but also by business partners, by stakeholders and by an increasingly broader group of people attentive to this type of issue in "evaluating" the companies, which expects them to behave responsibly towards employees and the community and to have a participatory approach towards the difficulties of the moment. Unfortunately, these commitments are not always encouraged by the Government through tax incentives, but this highlights the spontaneity of these attitudes even more.

In VISIA there are four areas which are part of the so-called "social" activities, namely:

Responsibility and social investment

his is particularly "felt and wanted" by the company, which constantly strives to help during particular personal and collective situations (Valdarnese solidarity association), gives support to local sports associations (such as Sangiovannese Calcio, Futsal Sangiovannese, Tennistavolo Federation, Sangiovannese Athletics) and to cultural activities, through contributions to the PROLOCO.

In 2017 and 2018, VISIA, being a socially-committed company, decided to sponsor the FAIRPLAY AWARD, where awards are given to important and significant personalities for initiatives and important behaviour in sports sectors and in anything connecting sport in all its components with the civil society.

Ethics and human resources

Given the reality in which it operates, VISIA imaging pays close attention to the work ethic, especially thanks to its bond with the territory and its background.

More than 30% of the employees are women and 18% of them have part-time employment contracts in order to support their family and their needs.

The attention to the human aspect of the working relationship is evident from the very beginning, and the clearness during the staff selection is a basic element; the HR sector of VISIA Imaging always tries to give feedbacks to the candidates that spontaneously send their applications and CVs.

Environmental protection and sustainability

VISIA Imaging is located in San Giovanni Valdarno, in the province of Arezzo. The Municipality and technicians of SeiToscana (which is in charge of the waste management) explained the new methods of waste disposal in new bins that will be placed and equipped with 6card cards.

VISIA Imaging, always attentive to the issues of environmental protection and urban decor, has consequently adopted internal containers for waste separation, in order to be able to deliver the waste in a suitable manner to the new bins.

Corporate governance and economic responsibility

VISIA Imaging pays close attention to the issues of youth employment, which can be demonstrated by the average age of 36 years among employees.

The company encourages forms of orientation, training of disadvantaged and non-EU students, as well as a strong dialogue with educational institutes to encourage school-to-work programs.