Research and Innovation have been the core of VISIA production since the beginning.

VISIA R&D team creates trustworthy products and reliable systems which contribute to improve the quality of our product portfolio.

The research and development team aids the company in staying competitive with the other contenders in the sector, foreseeing the new market trends.

VISIA R&D multidisciplinary team is composed of product managers, data scientists, mathematicians, designers and software developers. Everybody of them provides priceless inputs on problem solving.

VISIA Imaging also benefits from the application of the tax credit that will be incurred in the period 2017-2020, on incremental expenses in Research and Development, for expenses related to fundamental research, industrial research and experimental development: costs for personnel highly qualified and technical, research contracts with universities, research institutions, companies, start-ups and innovative SMEs, amortization rates of laboratory instruments and equipment, technical skills and industrial privatives

VISIA is also involved with multiple opportunities of the various regional operational programs (Por) that draw on the European Regional Development Funds (Fesr).

We mention the major ones:

Por Fesr 2014-2020

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To contribute to the implementation of the European Union strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, as well as to foster economic, social and territorial cohesion. It is the strategic objective of the Regional Operational Program (Por) of the European Regional Development Fund (Fesr) 2014-2020 of Tuscany region.

The program is based on three strategic choices, including the priority role of research, development, innovation and competitiveness of the economic system, with particular attention to the manufacturing dimension, the synergy between greater business competitiveness and environmental sustainability, as a guide to the development and production.

Horizon 2020

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Horizon 2020 is the largest Research and Innovation program of the European Union with almost 80 billion euros of funding available in 7 years (from 2014 to 2020), in addition to the private investments that this money will attract. It promises more discoveries, discoveries and world records bringing great ideas from the laboratory to the market.

The Horizon 2020 Program finances Research and Innovation Projects in Europe from 2014 to 2020.

Innovation poles

VISIA is also taking part of three innovation centers of the Tuscany region.


The District of Tuscany Life Sciences is the regional cluster that gathers all the public and private subjects operating in various capacities in the fields of Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceutics.

POLIS - Pole of technologies for the sustainable city

POLIS, the Center of Technologies for the Sustainable City, was created as an aggregation between companies, universities, research centers and public bodies in order to promote innovation, contribute to the competitiveness and sustainable development of the Tuscan territory, encouraging the creation of an ecosystem, able to promote growth and technology transfer.


OPTOSCANA associates companies that develop optoelectronic technologies and aerospace components / systems, for applications in the fields of industrial, aerospace, biomedical and cultural heritage.