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NAVIGO is a digital, automated and online microscope. It allows remote control for intraoperative and second opinion. It is also a whole slide scanner for digital imaging, archiving and analysis with dedicated software modules for quick, automated and easy measurements of cellular and tissue biomarkers.

NAVIGO is a resource for education and an aid to improve diagnosis and pathology services. It allows streamlined consultation of digital or live images, easy access to second opinion and full traceability.


  • Automated Whole Slide Scanner
  • Digital Microscope
  • Four objectives
  • Z-stack acquisition
  • On board processor
  • In built 15" full HD touch screen monitor
  • Compact, small footprint
  • Appealing design
  • Plug & Play device
  • Simple operations
  • Cost-effective solution

Real life applications

  • Digital Pathology services for small labs
  • Connect satellite laboratories to a central hub
  • Oncological surgery: Intraoperative frozen sections' analysis
  • Transplantation: histological assessment
  • Emergency: histological assessment for urgent surgery


Remote digital microscope

Control of the system from remote access as a digital microscope

  • Manage of frozen sections
  • Remote slide viewing in "live" mode
  • Handling objectives and stage movements as in front of the system
  • Image saving of fields of interest
  • Live remote teaching and consultation
Web viewing

Image sharing through a WEB-based viewer

  • Remote consultation
  • Second opinion
  • WEB seminars
  • Meeting on-line
  • Synchronized navigation of slides
  • No software installation by the user

Dedicated analysis modules to target therapy


Identification and semi-quantitative analysis of HER2/neu (c-erbB-2) IHC staining (4 classes: 0, 1+, 2+, 3+).


Identification and semi-quantitative analysis of ER, PR staining (4 classes: 0, 1+ ,2+ ,3+) and Ki-67 proliferative marker.

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Cytogenetics software suite

GENIKON is an image processing software for Interactive and / or Automatic Cariotyping on peripheral blood samples, villi, amniotic fluid and tissues, labeled with different dyes such as Giemsa, acridine orange; as well as in the routine it can also be applied for research use, it is therefore advisable for FISH (Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation) or more sophisticated techniques such as CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridisation) and Multicolor FISH, automatic research metaphase and interphase nuclei.

Manual and Automatic Karyotyping allow to construct karyotypes in light field / fluorescence / Dapi. The software offers all the functions of automatic cutting and reconstruction of the karyotype as well as making possible more detailed analyzes to allow the study of anomalous chromosomes and to make comparisons with a database of ideograms with bands of 400-550-850.

Special functions are represented by the automatic counting of the bands present in the metaphase for the quality control of the plates and the opportunity to export and import images in different formats (TIFF, JPEG, BMP and others) thus allowing to send and import images received from others systems not belonging to the GENIKON series.

The karyotyping suite in addition to acquiring, karyotyping and creating cytogenetic investigation reports also plays an important role in the patient data archive. The archive is in fact modular and modifiable by the operator to perfectly reflect the needs of the Genetic testing Laboratory.


  • Karyotyping
  • FISH
  • Multifocusing FISH
  • CGH
  • Multicolor FISH
  • Automatic metaphase identification
  • Automatic spot locating
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