Since 1995, VISIA Imaging is working in the eye care business providing advanced software and hardware solutions:

Optical Biometry and Topography Systems for biometric determinations of ocular measures and corneal topography

VISIA's flagship product is a combined device for the biometric measurements of ocular structures.

The information obtained through the measurements can be used for various applications such as cataract operations, IOL calculation, toric IOL calculation and post refractive surgery calculation.

The complete picture in IOL power calculation has been enhanced with the addition of the Barrett Universal formula and Olsen formula as a standard component of the ALADDIN system.


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Corneal analyzer

This instrument acquires images of the cornea and analyzes its topography for accurate and full examination of the anterior corneal surface. The software selects the image with the best focus out of a sequence of images.

In the image, the rings of the disc reflected by the illuminated cone are used to geometrically calculate the topographic map of the cornea. From the topographic map data, a set of parameter indexes are processed for the measurements.


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Computerized Chart Systems for visual acuity test

VISIA manufactures a wide range of Computerized Chart systems. With its years of experience in providing software in the field of optics, VISIA offers a matching system based on customer's wishes. The software includes efficient and fully-validated algorithms for measuring visual acuity.

The CC series chart systems we produce can be handled as a stand-alone system due to a fully-integrated PC or it can be integrated with other refraction products.

The high resolution 21.5" LED LCD monitor ensures clear and bright chart display. All common known visual acuity tests are available, including ETDRS.

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VISIA is proud to partner with the exclusive and global provider of ophthalmic instruments and top-player in the eye care market.

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