Clinical diagnostics

IFA automation

VISIA develops and manufactures advanced slide scanners and automation platforms for autoimmune testing: from sample preparation to slide processing, image acquisition and interpretation of IFA results.

Driving standardization through automation

VISIA has developed a fully automated system which offers increased standardization, traceability and improved workflow for a traditionally labor-intensive and subjective process.

Unparalleled performance

The system integrates an enhanced module that ensures the complete slide preparation, from serum dilution to coverslipping, with an on-board reading unit, which provides unparalleled accuracy and allows automated well digitization for a better interpretation of a wide range of IFA tests.

An advanced software organizes multiple processes into a continuous, fast and automated system.

Hardware solutions tailored to customer's needs

VISIA provides specific solutions for any laboratory size and need: from fully automated platforms to stand-alone scanning systems.

What makes VISIA's platforms competitive for digital IFA is: the image auto-focusing technology; the powerful algorithm software for immunofluorescence detection and intelligent pattern recognition; the running-time and the ability to analyze different kinds of substrates.

VISIA systems are able to overcome the drawbacks of manual IFA analysis, and efficiently contribute to the harmonization of IFA analysis on cellular and tissue substrates.

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Pathology solutions

VISIA develops and manufactures advanced slide scanners and software solutions for digital pathology and cytogenetic applications.

Empower your digital pathology experience

The galaxy of VISIA's products for pathology laboratories span from plug&play compact bright field slide scanners and remote digital microscopes to advanced microscopes for bright field and fluorescence acquisition and automated analysis of hematology and histology specimens.

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