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Theranostics is the latest cutting-edge personalized medicine; this term comes from the fusion of "therapy" and "diagnostics".

The paradigm of Theranostics is at the bottom of the Chromo4Vis device to allow the personalized corneal cross-linking of the keratoconus; this device identifies the efficiency of the treatment thanks to the real-time analysis of the concentration of the therapeutic molecule (called riboflavin) in the cornea.

An electro-mechanical system guarantees the optimal functioning of the optical system in order to have a high degree of uniformity of radiation at all levels of opening used in the surgery and a usage of high-performance issuing source.

The technological heart is inside an operating "head", which is supported by an articulated arm and a cart, where is situated a part of the electronic items of the system.

The head can be easily placed on the patient, guaranteeing complete freedom of movement for the doctor; furthermore, the cart is structured in order not to clutter and affect the operating room in which it is located.

A backup battery ensures perfect safety in any usage condition and the doctor can look at a touch-screen monitor on the cart, which ensures an easy performance.

VISIA Imaging cooperate with Vision Engineering Italy in the design of this device, offering our own skills in order to reach the manufacture of an excellent device in the field of the visual disturbance treatment, caused by corneal conditions and by the frontal eye segment.

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