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Customer Service is an attitude.

At VISIA Imaging we like thinking about our Customer Service Department as something that sticks to these solid values:

VISIA Customer Service is fully dedicated to the post-sales duties. They include the devices stops and problems, the shipment of original spare parts, the request of support for the use of the sold devices or related information and the remote maintenance.

List of duties:

  1. Answering the telephone/email

    The vast majority of contacts with the customer will be done over the email/telephone, through a tracking internal system. The in & out email from is the cornerstone of this service. The customer service can also provide remote support through, for instance, Teamviewer.

  2. Building good relationships with Customers

    Building good relationships with our customers means contacting them through adequate communication skills, which is a prerequisite to fulfil the customer service duties. We can speak English.

  3. Knowing one's Customers

    Nothing makes a customer happier than knowing they are recognized as an individual. This is done through a comprehensive tracking system, in which previous phone calls/emails are recorded and monitored.

  4. Being the Customer's Ambassador

    This means that the Customer Service is the first reference point for any issues and their duties include the need of representing the customer within the company. The customer service in fact can forward to the internal VISIA addressee any request not strictly covered by these listed duties, giving a prompt status variation through email. From the address, you will receive a message every time the status changes (opening, processing, forwarded, closing).

  5. Dealing with original spare parts

    Our Customer Service deals with responding to any requests until the final delivery, through an email tracking system.

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